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How to Disable Self Pingback or TrackBack

Whenever a post is published WordPress automatically pings major Search engine bots and other services, also the sites mentioned in the Ping List to let them know that you have updated your website. It is all good and well but the problem comes when WordPress starts self pinging the blog. So today I will tell you how to disable Self Pingback or TrackBack

How to Delete Feedbacks from JetPack Contact Form

On Internet there are many users complaining about Feedbacks of Contact form Plugin in JetPack Thrashing their database. Even I got almost over 11 Thousand Spams in Feedbacks, Deleting them one by one is a hassle and WordPress throws an Error when I try selecting around 100 feedbacks and deleting them, so I had to find another way to delete Feedbacks all together and it’s useless data.

How to Display Random Posts

Want to display Random Posts on your WordPress Blog get more Page views and Help your old Content to be viewed, you probably need Random Post widget or plugin to show it. But why you use some plugin for some Simple work which you can get done inside WordPress easily

How to Automatically Empty Trash

All of you might know WordPress has a trash feature, just like Recycle bin in Windows PC, so whenever we delete something it goes into trash, if we want we can recover it later and if you don’t want to recover you can delete it permanently.