How to Delete Feedbacks from JetPack Contact Form

On Internet there are many users complaining about Feedbacks of Contact form Plugin in JetPack Thrashing their database. Even I got almost over 11 Thousand Spams in Feedbacks, Deleting them one by one is a hassle and WordPress throws an Error when I try selecting around 100 feedbacks and deleting them, so I had to find another way to delete Feedbacks all together and it’s useless data.

The method by which we are going to delete feedback is directly from database by running Queries for Searching Feedbacks and deleting them. But before all of this make sure to backup your WordPress Database.

  1. Login into your SQL Manager (PHPmyAdmin)
  2. Select your WordPress Database
  3. Click on SQL
  4. Run this Queries :
    DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type='feedback'
    DELETE FROM wp_postmeta WHERE 'meta_key' LIKE '%feedback%'

Note : According to Sam Small The above code might fail, so if it fails please remove the quote around meta_key and try again. It usually happens due different versions of PHPMyAdmin software.

Now your Database is clear of feedbacks from JetPack, Now you know How to Delete Feedbacks from JetPack Contact Form

I have also made a video for this tutorial so you can understand it easily

Updated – 2 Feb 2014 : Added the Note suggested by Sam.


  • Sam Small says:

    DELETE FROM wp_postmeta WHERE ‘meta_key’ LIKE ‘%feedback%’

    take the ‘ off of ‘meta key’ else it fails.

    so run this:

    DELETE FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key LIKE ‘%feedback%’

    Big help this was thanks so much!!!

    • Author

      Thank you Sam, for your reply but according to some PHPmyAdmin versions the without quotes does not work and for some it works, that’s why I have added it with quotes as most of times its runs. I will update the post to mention your tip.

  • Great solution, Ritesh. I just deleted over 7,000 Spam Feedbacks from my database. The only real downside is that it also deletes the legitimate Feedbacks.

    • To clarify, I was looking for a way to delete my Feedbacks Spam, but leave the legitimate Feedbacks. Although, there may not be a way to target just the spam for deletion from the database.

      Thanks, again, though. Awesome solution.

      • Author

        Yes, I know of that downside but we cannot do anything regarding it, because most of them are Spams, and Our database cannot handle these big requests for re-scanning which is Spam or not. I have altogether stopped using JetPack feedback and have started using other plugin instead of it. so its much better

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