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Happy New Year to everyone to Start off the New year with a blast I thought of releasing a new WordPress theme, BlueStrap WordPress Theme, this new theme is based on Twitters BootStrap 3 Framework, which comes with great features which I am sure all of you will like.

I wanted to make new Responsive design for WPDen, so I started designing and slowly stumble upon BootStrap, integrating in my design was piece of cake and with it, I made a WordPress Theme Called BlueStrap ( I suck at imaginative things so name is not that Attractive :P ).

So when it comes down BlueStrap is a simple 2 Column layout Theme, with One Navigation Bar and a 3 Column footer. The Theme is completely responsive and has a Custom Tabber Widget and a Theme Options panel (that’s a given for all of WP Themes) also I added Share Buttons that display on Only Post Pages.

BlueStrap WordPress Theme Features :

Responsive Design – I started developing having this in mind for my new theme.

Twitter BootStrap Framework – Provides a Solid Framework for the design, and because of it looks beautiful across all devices.

Content Slider – Comes with BootStrap is a CSS based content Slider that is responsive and Works Great with BlueStrap

Magazine and Blog type Layout – Select from Theme Options panel the way your Posts are to be display in Default Blog type or Magazine Style.

Adsense Optimized – From the Options panel you can add Adsense in 3 places in the Theme

  1. Header
  2. Below Post title
  3. Below Post

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – The Theme does basic SEO for all of you, but I recommend all of you do use Plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast (well I certainly use it on this site and I m quite happy with it)

Related Posts – The Theme provides a space to show related posts just after the Post, but for this you need YARPP plugin installed.

Custom Tabber – The theme also a Custom Widget that you can add in the Sidebar to Show Recent Posts, Popular Posts, Comments and Tag Cloud.

Many More – Well the list above is incomplete the theme consist many more notable things which you will notice once you install it. I have worked on many small parts for speed and visual display that is why I m not writing a Complete List.

Well you might be saying what is the use of feature list if you cannot see the theme, Well the theme is currently use on this site so you are already viewing the theme, but still here is the picture of the theme :

bluestrap 700x362 BlueStrap   WordPress Theme

BlueStrap WordPress Theme – currently live on WPDEN

Just download the theme and give it a try and reply me with your feedback and do not forget to tell me what more features you want in the next update release for it. By the way let me tell you that I have Optimized the WordPress theme for fast loading in Accordance to Google PageSpeed and it gets 90+ Score on PageSpeed and 80+ on Y!Slow add a Cache plugin to it and it will give you a boost in it.

Update – 22-Jan-2014 : BlueStrap theme has been updated to version 1.1.1 and is now uploaded to github


  • Mikey says:

    hi is there a way to hide the image that is inside the post every time i use the <!–more–> tag? The problem is aside from the featured post the image inside post is alos showing up on the home page.

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