How to Disable Self Pingback or TrackBack

Whenever a post is published WordPress automatically pings major Search engine bots and other services, also the sites mentioned in the Ping List to let them know that you have updated your website. It is all good and well but the problem comes when WordPress starts self pinging the blog. So today I will tell you how to disable Self Pingback or TrackBack

BlueStrap – WordPress Theme

Happy New Year to everyone to Start off the New year with a blast I thought of releasing a new WordPress theme, BlueStrap WordPress Theme, this new theme is based on Twitters BootStrap 3 Framework, which comes with great features which I am sure all of you will like.

How to Create Multiple Excerpts in WordPress

When we are creating a theme, we sometimes require multiple custom excerpts in a theme. but when ever we use add_filter it affects all the the_excerpt in a theme. So today I will give you a solution to How to Create multiple Excerpts in WordPress

How to Disable Auto Update in WordPress

In WordPress 3.7, there is new Auto Update feature which automatically updates WordPress to newest version when a Stable version is released, but sometimes you might have done some editing to WordPress core files or for any other feature, then you can disable Auto Update in WordPress.

How to Delete Feedbacks from JetPack Contact Form

On Internet there are many users complaining about Feedbacks of Contact form Plugin in JetPack Thrashing their database. Even I got almost over 11 Thousand Spams in Feedbacks, Deleting them one by one is a hassle and WordPress throws an Error when I try selecting around 100 feedbacks and deleting them, so I had to find another way to delete Feedbacks all together and it’s useless data.